Mala built a very good relationship with the students. She managed to deal with the diversity of charactors with a positive outcome- the students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  
Sba Shaikh,  BE coordinator,  Leytonstone BES School  (March 2009)


Mala has truly been a pillar of strength as a coach she has been a dear friend, and a great colleague. She has listened to me without being judgemental, and has given me full support through out my coaching sessions with her. Her encouragement has taken me to new heights in my life. Thank you.    T. K (2006)

With Mala's expert coaching I have managed to break away from my old habits and created new beliefs. My life is less stressed and more organised now. I have lost all the clutter thanks to Mala and have a far clearer picture of where I am going.      P Shah (2006)


As a young working mother, I was finding my life getting totally out of balance. My daily routine/ schedule both at home and at work, were turning into a nightmare. It came to a point where instead of spending more quality time with my family, it was the reverse with more and more time being at work till late. I was desperate for help. That is when Mala was introduced to me, and from our first meeting, she walked me through my current schedule and then through how it could look in the future. We worked out a plan which included negotiating with my boss to allow me to work from home one day every fortnight. I did know that my company had the work-life balance policy in place but never had the confidence to ask for it. Mala helped me to build up my confidence and manage my time more efficiently. Both my family and I thank her for this dramatic change and a New Life.   Claudia R . (2007)


A lady with lot of experience, courage and patience. Thank you for your support during this transition period, where I managed to understand myself better. Acknowledged my natural skills, quit my job and started my business. I would say to everyone, no matter what stage in your life you are at, a Life Coach will definitely motivate you and assist you in reaching your goal.    David Smith (2007)

Mala is focused, sharp and most of all a good listener. She helped me to achieve within three months what I had been trying to achieve for the past five years. My life is already changing for good. God Bless You.    Martha M. (2007)


As a couple we were drifting away in the ocean. Mala has given us the courage and the support to take those small steps. It has been one year and we have stepped up to a better quality life style with good understanding. Our future is looking much brighter. Thanks to Mala. We recommend life coaching to anyone.     S & M Parmar (2007)

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