World Of Women TV

Interview by  World of Women TV 
Date:   21 October 2015 

TV Channel:    Faith TV  (Sky 590) 

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Seminar At City Business Library
Breaking Free - Overcoming Self Sabotage Seminar
Venue: City Business Library
Date: 14th October 2014
Feedback forms scored you nearly all Excellent! 
Comments included:
  • Nice natural style, warm.
  • Very helpful, good examples.
This session evoked self-belief and put action for all and seemed to have something for everyone.
Highly recommended!   


Mala 'Inspired Me' February 2013

Ian Young, his expedition and journey to Mt Kilimanjaro  -   February 2013

Mala's inspiration:

I was lucky enough to be with some incredibly inspiring people – Mala Shah, for one, who was the person who actually inspired me to go up Kilimanjaro back in 2011 in the first place. It was like full circle leading her up this time. And a special mention must go out to a brilliant guy and wingman named Rajan, who was part of the successful team from my previous trip too. 

Read on: http://ian-young.com/post-kilimanjaro-blog-post/ 


Infinite Possibilties

A progamme which shows you the Art of Living your Dreams. 
Well presented, excellent explanation with great anecdotes.  
Feb 2014   

Breaking Free Overcoming Self-Sabotage Sunday 10th June 2013

Just finished reading your section, 'Mission To Success'  simply awesome! Easy read, simple to understand and forces one to stop and 'diagnose' themselves and make the change. Thank you Mala. You are awesome!  

Rebecca D' Souza, Owner/ CEO D'Souza Foods

Sunday 10 June 2013 


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