Tuesday, November 04, 2014
Overcoming Good Girl Syndrome - Aug 2014 Launch

Overcoming Good Girl Syndrome -Book


What is the adult version of "The Good girl?"

"The Good girl" says: “Yes every time when she may actually want to say No!”

"The Good girl" keeps her mouth shut and does not say a word even when people hurt her.

"The Good girl" may totally disagree with a situation yet will go along with it anyway.

Does this relate to you?

Ask yourself this:


Do you feel that you have to complete things/ chores just to “keep the peace” in the house?

Do friends / family members tend to manipulate you?

Do you take the pressure off others and take on the tasks yourself?

Do co-workers appear to take advantage of you?

Are you too nice for your own good?

Do people always take you for granted and say, without actually asking you first, – “Yes give it to her, she will make sure it gets done?


If you have answered yes to any one of the above questions, then you are, either unknowingly, or perhaps even knowingly a victim of the “Good Girl Syndrome”.

Mala brings you yet another "Know HOW to! overcome Good Girl Syndrome, find your "NEW YOU" chapter:  

" Living by letting go"


  • Find out How and why do we fall into this trap of being nice to everyone?
  • Learn how to recognize the pattern of how people have manipulated you.
  • Why does this happen to you? 
  • Who is responsible for it?


Learn the CODE of HONOUR to let go and start living your life.

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