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Infinite Possibilities

"Infinite Possibilities"

The Art of Living Your Dreams

created by Mike Dooley of

Presented by: Mala Shah, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer/TrailBlazer


I have recently become a Certified Trainer/TrailBlazer of a program based on book “Infinite Possibilities”:   The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. 

It outlines the universal principles of positive thought that enable every person to thrive instead of simply survive.

The program encourages people to examine beliefs and thoughts that have been limiting them and may be leading them to struggles and negative choices, and helps them to discover ways to redirect those beliefs and thoughts.

While there are spiritual aspects to this training, it is not religious in any way.  I think this would be a very empowering programm to introduce to young teens, people who find themselves in difficult situations, organisations who wish to have a more positive impact on those they serve and companies who wish to have a better working environment.

As a Certified trainer, I can deliver this programme in a dynamic way at my discretion, it can be customized to be presented in any format from a one-hour introductory session , a single 7 hour seminar or 8 hour series delivered in several occasions of any length.

My services  as a presenter would be offered on a fee based on the number of attendees.  Infinite Possibilities workbooks and material will be provided.

What is covered in this programme and shared with you how:

Thoughts Become Things Explanations and anecdotes on the absolute power of our thoughts, 
how they shape the events and circumstances of our lives, and how they can be used to affect extraordinary life changes.
Beliefs - The precursors of our thoughts and imagination. How to detect and work with 
ours to align them with the life of our dreams.

Emotions - What they are, where they come from, how to understand their source
and learn from them.

Taking Action - The importance of all we think, say and do. How we make our intentions
known to the Universe and how we can change the direction of our lives.

Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires - Our desires, dreams, hunches and instincts
all have a reason for being in our lives – they are our pipeline to divine intelligence.

Faith and the Magical Universe - Faith and the magic it inspires in a Universe conspiring
on our behalves. Which end of the time-space spectrum needs to be "played" and
 which end needs to be left completely alone.

The Meaning of Life - An inspiring wrap on the "game" of life, what matters,
 and why we are really here.


As a Participant you will receive (provided you attend and complete the full course)

  • A workbook
  • An “Infinite Possibilities” Graduate Certificate
Take control of your DESTINY

"Thoughts Become Things -Choose the Good Ones”  

Mike Dooley - (from The Secret)


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