How can Mentoring help you?

What is Mentoring?

"It is a relationship, not just a procedure or activity, where one person professionally assists the career development of another, outside the normal manager/subordinate relationship."
(S Mind, 'Business Mentoring and Coaching', Training and Development, April 1993, p 26)

Mentoring is a one to one relationship between an experienced and a less experienced employee. For example: Employee A has worked with a company for several years such a person may be assigned to mentor a new employee B. Employee A may mentor Employee B based upon mutual trust, encouragement and willingness to share their experience to allow Employee B to develop within the corporate world. This is career mentoring.

Mentoring is not restricted to a work place environment, it is increasingly used in the social environment too. It provides spiritual, emotional or financial mentoring for their mentees.

In the Hindu culture, which is renowned for its joint family living, the eldest sister-in-law or the mother-in-law will act as a mentor when a new bride joins the household. These Mentors will provide spiritual and emotional mentoring during their transition period from being a daughter to daughter-in-law and a wife.

On the other hand, in the Japanese business culture, a senior executive called a "Sempai" is often paired with a junior executive called "Kohai". Their relationship is held together by a bond of trust and loyalty. Many young executives in Japan look forward to having a Sempai and highly appreciate and welcome the careful scrutiny on their actions by the senior Sempai.

During my experience both in the private and public business and finance sectors I had the privilege of excellent mentors. Their continuous support, structured criticism and encouragement during my journey of personal growth and career development helped me consistently to step up to the next level. A few years later I too was given the opportunity to mentor individuals and I implemented some of the special techniques used by my mentors.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge which I would like to share and offer to people as their mentor. In my opinion, mentoring is the ability to consistently help bring out the very best of the individual and help them progress.

With me as your personal Mentor you will:
  • Gain the power of positive knowledge to progress and achieve your goals equipped with special strategies and models which you will be able to use at any given time.
  • Be given continuous support and encouragement.
  • Receive structured analysis with strategies to follow.
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