What is Coaching? 

The essence of coaching is very simple, Coaching is facilitated through conversation on a one to one basis (sometimes it can take place in groups) in which the coach supports the client to identify and prioritise their goals, focus on improving their performance and achieving success.
Life coaching is about here, now and the future. It is not based on the past performance. The past is not the future.

  How does coaching work?

Coaching works through a series of confidential discussion /conversation between the client and the coach. These discussions or sessions take place either face to face or on telephone.

Prior to the first session, the client has to fill out a questionnaire and registration form. This will assist in laying the foundation for the first session.

  How many coaching sessions? 

Number of sessions depends and varies on the client’s agenda and of course progress.  Each client is individual and unique in his or her requirements.   On average a client may require between 6 and 8 sessions.  Duration between sessions depends on the client’s commitment and availability.  Coaching sessions can last from 2 to 4 months.

Qualities of a good life coach: 
• Excellent listening and communication skills.

• Neither judgemental nor critical of client.

• Flexible, Honest and Friendly.

• Respects the client’s strict confidentiality.

• Able to inspire, motivate and encourage clients.


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I am an experienced professional Life Coach offering life and execute coaching. I work with individuals and companies who wish to improve their lives and businesses. I coach clients face to face and by telephone. I have more than fifteen years coaching experience. Life coaching has become extremely popular over the last 10 years and the potential benefits to the individual and the organization are enormous.

As a life coach I work with the client to assist them in moving forward from where they are in their life currently to where they ultimately want to be.  It is the client who sets the agenda and coaching supports the progress by setting clear, realistic and achievable goals during this period. Each client is individual, therefore it is necessary to explore and implement specific strategies to achieve their goals.

Coaching Individuals and Executives
• Self-confidence building

• Work/life Balance

• Stress Management

• Time Management

Coaching Organisations:
• Business Start-up

• Monitoring Business progress

• Team Facilitation

• Receive full attention

• Be listened to without any judgement

• Be supported in changing your beliefs, re-discovering your self values if necessary.

• Be motivated to achieve your goal!

Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Saint Francis