Breaking The Barriers: A Woman's Toolkit For Success
Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Once again Mala has contributed to an amazing book

Co-author with Chapter title:

 “Be a Core Genius”


Extract from the above Chapter:

 “Yes I am a “C O R E” genius.

Core Genius”:   Let us separate the two words to understand why I chose the title “Be a Core Genius”.  Genius resides in each and everyone one of us.  It is how we develop our mental brain power and add the necessary skills and gather the tools to enhance our lives. When we add the “CORE” qualities we create the Core Genius within us.  I expanded CORE letters into four words and utilised this formulae for success in my life.    C O R E stands for:

 Courage + Organised + Realistic Risk + Excel to the highest level

The “CORE” formulae is not set in a sequence that “Courage” or “Organised has to be first, each one of them is inter-connected to work side by side.


Authored by CEO’s, leaders, and experts from the U.K., Belgium, India, and the United States, chapters include a toolkit of powerful personal and professional topics such as

  • Increase Your Confidence-Increase Your Success
  • Jump Through the Flames of Doubt
  • Get Off the Bench and Into the Game
  • Courage to Follow Your Heart
  • The Art of Setting Boundaries
  • Know Who You Are Before You Know Where You’re Going….and more!

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